Stack, Hang, Go Vertical

The walls aren’t the only way to stack, hang, or go vertical. You’ve got a problem? We’ve got a solution and so do these everyday kitchens. It’s one thing to tell you how to do something, when you don’t have much space to organize, make every inch work extra hard.

One of the biggest challenges in vertical storage is to make it attractive. This space not only keeps things functional, but turns the pegboard into a signature feature of the kitchen.

No matter how small your space or how many cast iron pans or baking supplies you have!

  1. Install Narrow Pullout Racks to Duty as a Pantry Storage.
  2. Divide a Cabinet in Narrow Vertical Slots for Storing Baking Trays, Cookie Sheets and Chopping Board.
  3. Install a Vertical Lid Rack Along The Cabinet Door Backs.
  4. Create a Vertical Doorway Storage and Hack the Space at the Either Sides of Your Kitchen.
  5. Add Extra Racks to Your Cabinets to Hack the Unclaimed Vertical Space door.
  6. Create a Vertical Storage System over a Wall with Rods, Hooks and Shelves.
  7. Install a Pegboard Slide out Storage Rack.
  8. Tuck in an Industrial Storage Rack in Any Narrow Space Available.
  9. Create a Long Wine Storage at the Side of the Fridge.

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