Pretty boxes are your friend.

In a small space, finding space to store things is a constant struggle. An easy way to add more storage — and one that we execute with aplomb — is distributing stacks of pretty boxes throughout your space. They become a design feature, and they’re a great place to stash things, whether those things are your most treasured possessions or just the things that were junking up the counter-top and didn’t quite have a place to go.

Incorporate shelving wherever you can.

If you are a huge fan of wall mounted shelves as a storage solution in small spaces, and we have a great solution for people who can’t make holes in the wall (or don’t want to go to the effort and expense of hanging shelves). The two leaning bookcases in a living room add much-needed extra storage space, and if it has a deep shelf that can be functioned as a desk.

Use every available bit of space.

until you start to think of the under-couch space sort of like a very long, shallow drawer. And this isn’t the only neglected space in your house you can use to your advantage. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to store things above, under, or behind.

Think small, too:

One of the first things anyone can do to make their closet less frustrating is to streamline their hangers. Uniformity cuts down on hanger tangle — when different kinds get stuck on each other. The thin-profile velvet flocked hangers are key for a small space. You can fit so much more across the hanging bar, plus things stay put — even the skinniest strapped tank top. Even if things aren’t perfectly organized, having all of the same style and color hanger makes you look like you’ve got it all figured out.

Embrace drawers.

Make your furniture work for you by picking pieces that incorporate drawers and shelves. Keeping an apartment — even a little apartment — tidy isn’t hard when you have plenty of places to put things away.

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