Most of the people we know spend almost half of their time at the office, working for several hours straight every single day. Office spaces must keep people productive and be healthy at the same time.

When it comes to designing office spaces, designers try to make the space as safe and as productive as possible for the employees. There are many ways that contribute in making a working space designed in a way to keep employees feel comfortable and be productive.

a) Closed Cubicles or Open Plans

It is known that people can be more productive and work as one team if they work in an office that has open spaces. This step is an essential in designing modern working spaces. It is also helpful for interns and less experienced members of the team to rub shoulders with those in more experienced roles

b) Color Effect and the Psychology it brings

It is proven that the choice of color on walls effects on the mentality of space occupants. When designers choose colors for an office design, they usually choose colors that are relaxing to the eye and that are appropriate and help employees become more creative and productive. These colors are usually green (sense of relaxation), blue (stress relieving color) and white. It is usually recommended to avoid the use of pink and red (red gives a short term feeling of energy but causes aggressiveness on the long run).

c) Furniture

The choice of furniture is usually the typical office furniture. However, designers look for comfortable furniture that is suitable for employees to spend long working hours on. Avoid using typical hard wooden furniture for employees because it causes back problems. There are many options for desks to make employees feel like one team, for example, L-shaped double user desks.

d) Space Planning

When it comes to space distribution of an office, designers usually distribute the related functions to be located near each other within and easy access and easy circulation. This step helps employees achieve work faster. Moreover, the presence of a common relaxation room in an office helps employees communicate and relax for a while (This step shows a higher production level in employees).

e) Natural Daylight and Windows

Having windows in a working environment is suitable for users because it allows natural daylight in a space. It is proven that natural daylight is healthier for space occupants and leads to higher levels of productivity.

f) Kitchenette

Having a small kitchen in an office is a must. This function is essential to have in an office. (This function allows employees to keep their food in lunch breaks and drink coffee, as you know, employees do need their caffeine).

g) Managers Office

The manager’s office must be located not too close nor too far to the employees, this helps in keeping the relationship between the managers and his employees professional, yet, close (Just right).

The manager’s office is usually designed with have glass facades/walls with blinds to give him a sort of privacy and supervise his/ her employees at the same time.

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