There are many ways in which designers can make the interior of rooms look spacious. Smart designs are becoming more and more popular among architects and designers because, nowadays, people tend to buy small flats and apartments, especially in modern cities.

There are many ways that can help you make small rooms look bigger and more spacious. Smart designs give you many choices in which you can choose from.

  1. A tiny space doesn’t mean choosing small furniture. (Tip: It’s better to choose a large sectional sofa than a small one and a chair).
  2. Use mirrors and glass. (Tip: It is always advisable to use mirrors and glass in your interior space because they give a sense of spaciousness and helps reflect daylight).
  3. Think vertically. (Tip: Save artwork space by installing vertical shelves and putting your artwork there. Also place furniture vertically, this would save you a lot of space in the room).
  4. Avoid bold large patterns and furniture with thick arms. (Tip: It is always advisable to choose fabrics and window treatments with soft simple patterns rather that bold ones as they visually tend to eat a small space. Choosing linear and smooth finished furniture make your space seems larger in size).
  5. Consider using redesigned foldable bed/wall. (Tip: There are new ideas you can use to save space of having a bedroom, you can now choose a foldable bed that can be installed into the wall when needed. The bed can be hidden in the living room).
  6. Use multipurpose furniture. (Tip: There are many furniture pieces that come with multipurpose use such as storage spaces. There are some beds that have a storage space under the mattress board).
  7. Use light shades of paint on walls. (Tip: Choosing a light shade of color for walls gives the room a sense of space and makes it seem larger).
  8. Play with the lighting. (Tip: Use indirect lighting to give some depth to a space).

There are many ways to make a small space seem larger and smart designing is one of the solutions of solving such a problem, Your small space can be designed smartly and nicely at the same time.

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