Whether you wake up one day with a decision to make quick change in your home garden decoration, or you’re the one with no outdoor space and you want to add some bracing air to your indoor environment, growing fresh herbs garden indoor is something that makes sense in your situation and you’re to enjoy utmost.

Here are some actionable things to get your healthy herb garden done the right way:

  1. As to indoor garden, be sure to place your herbs in a sunny dapple near the window where they will receive ample 4 – 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  2. Keep a beneficial drainage, particularly rubber, plastic or metal, to catch water or moisture spilled from your herb container and protect roots from being rotted.
  3. Try to keep balance between temperature and airflow in the room of your indoor herb garden. Herbs usually love moving air with fairly stable temperature in the room.
  4. Stop sitting your herb in water. The ideal recipe for your herb garden is to start using your own potting compost with specific amount of sand along with measured peat moss.
  5. For pests’ problems, maintain a soapy spray for any unexpected infestation and use sticky traps so you can get over the rest. Do not forget to keep an eye on your plants every now and then.

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