Nothing more soothing to the heart than giving from the heart. Surprise your favorites by choosing a nice gift from our selective collection of ‘a gift to remember’ and let them have a nice ‘memory to keep’.


Be unique and let your beloved ones feel unique by choosing one of the selected trendy items by the adorable Zein Shreim. A nice collection of cool and stylish items that fit you, him, and her.

The heart beats for one and only one. But with ‘’In a heartbeat’ jewelry collection designed by the lovely Nour Nasif, your heart can now beat for many. Show the world the reason behind your heartbeat designed with love. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are made of gold, real diamonds, and precious stones.


Elegant and simple pieces designed by the one and only architect Ola Medanat. Shower your beauty with elegance by choosing one of the marvelous pieces of jewelry designed to fulfill your glamorous look.

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