About Us

InteriorPH has relaunched… with a new approach to featuring products and designs, thoughts and reflections. InteriorPH, short for Interior Philosophy touches on the philosophy of design, in its many shapes and forms, and how that plays into our own ‘internal’ philosophy.

Many believe that print is dying or becoming obsolete, but at InteriorPH, we see things differently. Alone, print might not suffice. But with a strong online presence through our website and social media channels, and a mobile app underway, the physical magazine is just a teaser into a larger world of interactive design: it does not stand alone, but it is part of the foundation upon which we plan to grow.

For our partners, we aim to enhance brand identity and customer appreciation of your offerings, through informative infographics and advertorials, that are enhanced with online content. For you, our readers, we aspire to capture your interest, inform you in new ways, keep you engaged and excited for more. What you see in this magazine is a more static and shortened version of what we present online. Our hope is that you enjoy it, and seek to find out more.

With 4 editions a year, printed on a quarterly basis, we choose our content carefully and work closely with our partners to reflect their unique offerings of the ‘season’.

In doing so, we also link printed pages with online content to allow our partners to more regularly update what they wish to share with our readers, and in essence, elongate the lifespan of our physical pages.

We would like to thank our partners for their trust and confidence in sharing our vision for an online-offline platform revolving our interior design and philosophy, and working with us to better understand their products and brands, in order for us to feature them in a unique way.
We are grateful for the the hardworking team we have, and the contributors who worked with passion, confidence and determination to provide us with authentic content for this edition.

Finally, as part of our “Interior Philosophy”, we believe in giving back, in featuring young talent and in growing organically, and we plan to promote and encourage local talent and young designers through InteriorPH. Reach out to us to see how you can get involved.

We sure hope that you enjoy this humble first edition, and we hope that you enjoy seeing the rest of our platform unfold as we grow.

  • Shaker N. Muasher
    Shaker N. Muasher Chairman
  • Abdelrahman Bani Hani
    Abdelrahman Bani Hani Vice-Chairman
  • Ra’ed Jumean
    Ra’ed Jumean Managing Director
  • Saad Bani Hani
    Saad Bani Hani Member of the Board
  • Mohammed Abuain
    Mohammed Abuain Art Director
  • Farah Alnimer
    Farah Alnimer Sr Account Executive
  • Bana Khalaf
    Bana Khalaf Jr Account Executive