The magical month of the year. Where lights, ornaments and snowflakes dress up the streets and homes. 31 days of the longest brightened up nights. The excitement of the time after sunset overflows the city, starting from your living room to public venues.

This month’s angelic, golden vibe makes you consider enhancing your space or decorating your new one. To start off your upcoming year with a new atmosphere and an updated feeling. Modernize your set of goals and your rooms. Upgrade your thoughts and your color scheme. A color scheme that would suit your month and the whole year round.

Lets get to the point…

All the way from the streets of Paris to your loving home, I chose for you a very merry, wondrous color palette that will make your decisions easier.

Don’t worry; BLACK will not darken your space if you use it well. With the right color combinations and materials you will fall in love with it more than any other color in the room. It will add up sophistication and edge to the personality of the area.

Stunner ROSE GOLD– is the main character of this color palette. Whether it’s glossy, metallic or matt it is a stunner. Sparking the space with sensational, dramatic rose gold pieces is definitely a plus.

COZY! I am very sure we all try our best to make our homes have that sense. Adding up to your space the calm, soothing colors of beige rosy shades along with the irresistible grays and light, peaceful browns is the way to go.

And to make it easier for you…

Here is a mood board that I put together for you to get a broader idea of spaces and furniture pieces that perfectly describes this December’s color palette.

Tip of the week – Try to choose interesting fabrics; don’t stick to what you’re familiar with.

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