The Earth from the Vatican City Arnaldo Pomodoro

Elie Kamal By Elie Kamal 0

Art comes in many shapes, and each masterpiece is a result of the imagination and hard work of an artist, infused with a little bit of emotion. Not all things that have been made can be explained, but the goal is to make people passing by stop and take a moment to stare at something visually attractive. The fact that some artist had a vision, and that vision became reality for others to see is a wonderful achievement.

A sculpture is one of the most artistic masterpiece which a human can do and for us the “Sfera Con Sfera” is a very unique one.

In English it means Sphere within Sphere and it’s a bronze sculpture made by the famous Italian sculptor “Arnaldo Pomodoro “.

It may be found in different scales and many settings worldwide, but the most important one is present in the Vatican City which was a gift for the pop in 1960.

It’s an enormous metal bronze sphere with a cracked surface revealing an intricate interior with another cracked sphere inside.

Arnaldo says that the inner ball represents the Earth and the outer ball represents Christianity; moreover, the design of the internal layers which look like the gears or cogwheels of a compels machine symbolizes the fragility and complexity of the world.

In the end every artist has his own ways of delivering a message or proving a certain point or even makes us understand a huge complex in one single masterpiece.

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