Knot: A fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope, or something similar.

Haya Abdul Hameed By Haya Abdul Hameed 1

Knot (Complex): The thoughts and feelings suppressed in the subconscious mind affecting the individual’s behavior.

“عقدة” is an interactive installation aiming to provide a therapeutic process and a release mechanism to the audience interacting with it, while serving as a cushion for all our “knots”. The audience is invited to sew their own “knot” onto it, symbolizing letting go of their complexes.

During Haya Abdul Hameed’s time volunteering at Creativity Explored (A center for artists with developmental disabilities in San Francisco), she met Beth.

Beth suffered from severe anxiety and paranoia. She was always knitting pillowcases and adorning them in knots; French knots to be specific. Haya later found out that this was Beth’s way of relieving her anxiety and stress.

After a lot of persuading, Beth finally agreed to teach Haya how to make a perfect French knot. Although she wasn’t fully pleased with Haya’s knots initially, a few weeks in, Haya finally got it.

Beth passed away in 2013.

“This is for Beth, an invitation for the people to relieve some of their “knots” onto this pillow.”


  • Samar

    Haya is a brilliant artists who is deeply engaged in creating innovative ways to create art teach art and enable disenfranchised children to create a pathway for their voice . Love Haya s approach and art

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