8 Signs you need an Interior Designer

By Rozana Rajkumari 0

There’s enough inspiration out there, from Pinterest to Youtube channels, the world of design has never looked better. Plus, you might have a great sense of style so when it comes to that home renovation project, you’re thinking you can go it alone. Don’t get me wrong having a great eye is essential but there’s so much more than decking your home with standout individual pieces. Knowing how to tie it all together will take your home from chaotic to harmonious and a designer will help create just that. Read on to find out whether you need a designer or not.

  • You don’t have time

You might be a busy professional by day and an interior decorator by night. But admit it, who wants to slave away after a long day at work or on the weekends? Hiring a designer will get things done on time and take away the hassle. Goodbye stress!

  • The ‘Wow’ Factor

You want your home to reflect your individual taste and hiring a designer will take it up that notch. They will come up with one-of-a-kind ideas that you might have not thought of – turning your nice home into a wow home.

  • Faster renting or selling

A good designer will turn your home into a ready to move in space or one that is snapped up quickly in the market. Plus it’s a win-win as you get more value for your home and isn’t sitting around.

  • Save money

True you pay a fee but hiring a designer will pay you back manifold in the long run. A good designer will add a great deal of appeal to your home. Plus will help you avoid costly mistakes of ordering things at full price (they get discounts!), the wrong size, fabric etc.

  • Wide reach

There are resources available to designers that you may not have privy to. These could be in the form of merchandise or contractors and means less headache for you.

  • The Mediator

The wife wants a white rug and you want an Afghan one, how do you meet in between? Let the professional with a trained eye help you choose the best elements to enhance your living space.

  • Unique Home

Over the years you might have collected beloved pieces from your travels. But if you’re somehow stumped how to best showcase them enlist the help of a designer. Their experienced eye will help in tying the decorative components together.  

  • Cost and Planning

A designer will help keep you within budget as they already have at hand the go-to sources for things related to your home. This in turn translates into saved time and effort for you.

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