10 Foods That Boost your Metabolism and Brain Power

By Sara Alamad 0

You can alter the way your body digest and burns food through your diet. You can also improve your brainpower and functionally with natural foods. Lay off the pharmaceuticals, and let Mother Nature show you why it grows what it grows. Dr. Dianna Schwarzbein, who writes,  “Metabolism is the combined effects of all the varied biochemical processes that continually occur in your body on a cellular level. These processes enable every individual component of your body to function, making it possible for you to think, digest food, move and perform all the functions of a living, breathing being.”

  1. Avocados:
    High in fats, avocados are a brains best friend! The monosaturated fats (A.k.a the healthy fats) content in avocados prevents blood vessels from hardening, supplying blood, oxygen and glucose easier to the heart and brain. This promotes balance and proper digestion of other foods.
  2. Pineapples:
    Loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, pineapples are the best choice for a snack. Studies show that pineapples prevents Alzheimer’s because of its high Folate content, which is found in high concentrations in pineapples. To add, Pantothenic acid, which is also found in pineapples boosts your energy levels, which boosts your metabolism.
    Tip: I recommend grilling them if you haven’t done that already, it accentuates its sugars and tastes delicious A sweet tooth satisfier! 
  3. Cinnamon:
    Cinnamon regulates sugar levels in the blood, which aids in weight loss. Balanced sugar levels control your cravings for sweets. Throw some on your pancakes, or in your smoothies every morning, kick start your day with cinammon! Cinnamon is also known to boost memory when consumed, studies suggest, smelling it can achieve these effects has well.
    Fact: When you consume it your body automatically starts burning more calories.
  4. Spinach:
    Leafy greens can increase your fat burning by 30%. While spinach is known for its protein content,its iron content supports healthy blood, and its Folate content acts as medicine to the brain. It’s a win win, a protein plant. Add some spinach to every salad and every omelette a.m p.m.
  5. Bone Broth:
    Protein and collagen are found in bone broth. They aid in digestion and absorption; Bone broth is good for your gut health, it  helps create a strong stomach environment for other foods to be digested.
  6. Berries: Some of the best antioxidants and memory boosters for your brain! Eat all kinds of berries. Acai, Cranberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Mulberries and the list goes on and on. They are low in sugar, extremely satisfying, and their fiber and carb content are vital tools for boosting metabolism.
  7. Walnuts:
    A handful or two of walnuts a day is healthy. Walnuts contain fatty acids that boost your metabolism and powers certain chambers of your brain Do not over do it, walnuts are high in calories and must be eaten in moderation. The best time to eat walnuts is after your daily workout.
  8. Water:
    Water helps keeps your body balanced and detoxified. Water is one way to clean your body inside and out. If you are reaching for that glass of water feeling extremely thirsty chances are your body is already dehydrated. Drink your water before you get thirsty. Aim for half a gallon of water a day, try adding fruit or chia seeds to your water to make it more enjoyable to drink.
  9. Seaweed:
    Studies found that Iodine is a mineral suggested for thyroid balance thus enhanced metabolism, and controlled hormones, Seaweed is high in iodine, maybe we should eat more sushi!
  10. Watermelon:
    Oh the famous summer fruit! Watermelon is known for its high water content, It is a good fruit to consider for hydration. Surprisingly research says it watermelon has high levels of the neurotransmitter, amino acid arginine, that can help with shedding water weight and pounds.

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