10 Reasons Why Every Man Should Take Dance Lessons

By Sara Alamad 0

From a male perspective dance is a feminine activity, so why partake in it? I assure you at some point in your life you are going to have to get out on the dance floor.

You might think you can get through life without having to dance, money back guarantee that is not possible. Whether that was being dragged by your best friend for a night out to dance, or getting invited to a wedding or two; knowing we live in the Middle East, there will be a few. Or by your future lady on your own wedding day, wouldn’t you want to be prepared?

Reason 1: It’s a social activity that happens to a great cardio workout

It’s true. You are burning calories out there on the dance floor. You are allowing your body to move in different ways and directions activating all kinds of muscles, while having fun.

Reason 2: Builds self-confidence

Statistically, there is a 99.999% chance a girl will be interested in you knowing you are a good dancer. Ladies love lads with rhythm.

Reason 3: Dancing together teaches respectful gender interactions

True story: I teach my students how to properly and respectfully ask a girl to dance. Its old school, it’s tradition, and that’s the way it should always be done. Dancing is all about respectful verbal and nonverbal communication between two people or more.

Reason 4: Creates a sense of community

Attending dance classes or private lessons, and sharing that activity with other people creates a supportive environment that allows for the sense of a community and family.

Reason 5: For a man, learning how to lead is learning how to be in control

For anyone who knows the first thing about ballroom dancing, it is all about the partnership, and how much the man has to think light on his feet and be in control. The women follow, the men lead it’s that simple.

Reason 6: You can learn a lot about a lady from the way she dances

… Ill leave it at that.

Reason 7: Dance is a unique form of exercise that improves both strength, flexibility

It is harder than it looks, I dare anyone to try a ballet or a breaking lesson. Dance is a unique workout, you are continuously strengthening, and stretching at the same time. It happens simultaneously, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy. Dance is a gentle workout on the body keeping it strong as you grow older.

Reason 8: Dance improves posture and balance

Probably one of the best ways to do so is through dance. It revolves around the idea of the anatomical “plumb line”, stacking bone on bone, and safely moving around, you rely mostly on muscles to achieve movement. Through dance you can learn so much about your own body, it’s abilities, and instabilities. Dancing also improves your balance; you are constantly training your right and left side of the body to be able to achieve some of these crazy moves.

Reason 9: Better musicality

Dance is an outlet for music. You are constantly engaged, counting, and dancing to music. You then learn music and begin to understand its complexity deeply, that simply makes you a cooler, well-rounded guy.

Reason 10: Stress relieve

Dancing instills joy in people’s hearts. Think about it, when would you usually dance? On occasions, celebrations, invitations etc. However, it is proven scientifically that dancing releases endorphins, which causes stress hormone, cortisol to go down in the body. Dancing isn’t just fun, it is really good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

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